Capitol Police not filing charges over Senate sex video

The Capitol Police announced Thursday that no charges will be filed over the filming of a sex video in a Senate hearing room in December, saying there was no evidence of a crime being committed.

“For now, we are closing the investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding a sex video that was recorded inside the Hart Senate Office Building,” the Capitol Police said in a statement.

Capitol Police said that while the video likely violated congressional policy, the law enforcement agency found “no evidence that a crime was committed” and noted that they had consulted with federal and local prosecutors as well during the investigation.

According to Capitol Police, a congressional staffer – whom they did not identify– resigned from his position and “exercised his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and refused to talk to us.”

“Although the hearing room was not open to the public at the time, the Congressional staffer involved had access to the room,” Capitol Police said of the sex tape. “The two people of interest were not cooperative, nor were the elements of any of the possible crimes met.”

CNN’s Haley Talbot and Morgan Rimmer contributed to this report.


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